I’m here to help you find the answers you need.

I am a diviner, seeress, and oracle, and I’ve been providing these services for over twenty years.  I have experience with multiple systems of divination (including various forms of cartomancy, runes, oracles, and astrology), and have built relationships with various spiritual entities who assist me in this work. I’m happy to help you find guidance on nearly any topic from life path and career to romance to spiritual growth.

Simple Question

Sometimes you just need a simple answer to a simple question. Here we will do a reading on a question and explore the result to find the information that you need. This service can be by email, audio, or video. $50

Digging Deep

Here we take the time to carefully explore a complex or multi-part issue, using various methods of divination. If you want to discuss your natal chart, this is also the service for you. This is done by audio or video call. $150/hour

Spiritual consultation

Are you feeling lost or confounded spiritually and looking for guidance? I have experience in many Pagan and spiritual traditions and can offer a combination of experience, wisdom, knowledge, divination, and spiritual inspiration to help you find direction or answers from your guiding powers. This is done by audio or video call. $150/hour

“Ariana provided me with a compassionate, detailed, and heart-felt reading for a complex situation. Her insights resonated with me and helped me see new and creative ways to approach the situation. I definitely recommend getting a reading from her.”

-Andrea Heather

“Ariana provided a fantastic reading for me that was desperately needed. From my original question, Ariana was able to expand and answer related topics that I also needed to hear. I appreciate so greatly Ariana’s care to the my question and professionalism. Additionally, Ariana being a polytheist was very important for me as my question involved my Gods and having another polytheist to go to for help is something I value greatly. So thank you Ariana! I can’t wait to get a reading from you again.”

-Allec McGuire

Let’s walk this road and find some answers.