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Dancing for Kybele

(Personal practice and theology) I try to dance every morning for Kybele. I put on music that energizes me, put my hair up, and pretend I’m in a goth club/rave for 20 minutes or so. I’m grateful to be alive and grateful for my body and as a devotional activity dancing reflects that. I experience … Continue reading Dancing for Kybele

The Matronae, The Snake, The Tree

The Matronae are a collective of Powers that were worshipped through the Roman Empire. We don’t have any writings on them, but we do have a great collection of shrines, artifacts, offerings, and images, suggesting a powerful and complex cultus that was oral in nature. I learned about the Matronae through the work of River … Continue reading The Matronae, The Snake, The Tree

Re-Member Dionysos

“Life. Death. Life. Truth. Zagreus. Dionysos.” A powerful line from an Orphic funerary tablet, a transformative chant, a call to the cycle of death and rebirth, of life and death and Apotheosis, of remembering, of re-membering after being dismembered. Chant it fourty nine times, seven by seven, while contemplating these themes. Dionysos is a liberator, … Continue reading Re-Member Dionysos

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