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Re-Member Dionysos

“Life. Death. Life. Truth. Zagreus. Dionysos.” A powerful line from an Orphic funerary tablet, a transformative chant, a call to the cycle of death and rebirth, of life and death and Apotheosis, of remembering, of re-membering after being dismembered. Chant it fourty nine times, seven by seven, while contemplating these themes. Dionysos is a liberator, … Continue reading Re-Member Dionysos

Imbolc, Culture, and Context

When I was first studying Paganism in the 90’s we were told that “not much” was known about Imbolc. I’m not surprised; we were told that “not much” was known about the other festivals that have come to be known in Paganism as the Wheel of the Year. We didn’t know much about these festivals … Continue reading Imbolc, Culture, and Context

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