Dancing for Kybele

(Personal practice and theology) I try to dance every morning for Kybele. I put on music that energizes me, put my hair up, and pretend I’m in a goth club/rave for 20 minutes or so. I’m grateful to be alive and grateful for my body and as a devotional activity dancing reflects that. I experience … Continue reading Dancing for Kybele

Re-Member Dionysos

“Life. Death. Life. Truth. Zagreus. Dionysos.” A powerful line from an Orphic funerary tablet, a transformative chant, a call to the cycle of death and rebirth, of life and death and Apotheosis, of remembering, of re-membering after being dismembered. Chant it fourty nine times, seven by seven, while contemplating these themes. Dionysos is a liberator, … Continue reading Re-Member Dionysos

Where Do I Begin And End: A Meditation

Here is a link to a meditation that is an excerpt from my upcoming book on Sacred Gender! It’s on my Patreon, and is a public post (you don’t have to be ones of my patrons to read it). Click to read more!

New Beginnings

In the beginning there was an egg, but it was surrounded by darkness (and a serpent, cause it’s serpents all the way down). It cracked open, and Phanes, whose name means “Bright”, came out. No, that’s not quite right, in the beginning there was nothing, and God said “let there be light”. No that’s not … Continue reading New Beginnings

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