From Souls on the Banks of the Acheron by Adolf Hirémy-Hirschl

Why should you worship Hermes? So many reasons:

He’s the messenger of the Gods. If you have devotion or interact with any other deity, or want to, he’s good to reach out to. Hermes knows the Gods and knows mortals, and he’s been interacting with us all for thousands (or more) of years. Need to make sure a prayer gets to the deity you’re sending it to? Want help understanding a dream or a message? Want to deepen your understanding of another deity? It can’t hurt to offer to Hermes as well and include him in your prayers.

One of Hermes’ epithets is Argeiphontes, the slayer of Argos. Argos was a many-eyed giant, called Panoptikon because he has so many eyes. We use the term panopticon in another sense these days and I like to think that is suggestive of another role Hermes can take on: helping to conceal you when you need to avoid the eyes of those who would wish danger on you.

His association with travel makes him a natural deity to reach out to as most folks don’t have the luxury of working from home and have a daily commute. Between his role of Argeiphontes and the King of Thieves; calling on him when trying to avoid unjust authority or authorities when travelling is recommended as well. Be Gay, Do Crimes, Worship Hermes!

(Of all the memes I’ve made I think I’m most proud of this one.)

Are you in school? Are you in training at work? Hermes also has your back, as education, words, wit, and wisdom are all things he is associated with. Devote your studying to him with as much fervor as you might beg him for help with your exams. Light a candle to him while you read and while you write your essays and papers.

Hermes is also said to cause sleep with one touch of his staff and wakefulness with another. Who couldn’t use some help getting regular sleep?

Hermes is the guide of souls, He guides lost souls to the underworld, and I’ve found as someone who works with the spirits of the dead that his help has been invaluable. He can also guide us, we have/are souls, and he knows the ways. He knows all the ways.

These are hard times, right? There’s a plague, and there’s an epithet of Hermes for that. Did you know about Hermes Kriophoros, the Ram-Bearer? He carried a ram on his shoulders as he walked around the city of Tanagra, averting the plague. Another reason to call on him in these harrowed days.

(Hey that image looks familiar, I could have sworn I’d seen something very similar elsewhere).

But wait, there’s more! Are you one of those folks still uncomfortable with the “w” word? Do you have different relationships with your Gods, are you more of a magical or mystical sort? Hermes also has your back here; I can’t think of another deity who is invoked or involved as deeply in western magical traditions other than maybe Jesus. While you can argue that the Hermes of Hermetic philosophy is not the God Hermes, I’ve encountered Pagans who are into the whole Hermetic thing who syncretize them, or understand one as a manifestation of the other (I like that second one best). After all, Hermes Thrice-Great is probably a translation of a name and epithet of Thoth, who was as times observed as the same as, or syncretized with, Hermes. Hermeticism gives you alchemy, astrology, and theurgy. He’s also through the PGM, the Picatrix, you can’t go through an olde occult book and not find a reference to Hermes in some form. Magic, magic, magic, and everywhere you look, Hermes. He has a whole planet named after him, come on.

Hermes protected the infant Dionysos, shapeshifting into the image of Phanes and evading Hera herself. Hermes stole his brother’s cows when he was a newborn, a baby, born just that day. Hermes learned divination from nymphs. Hermes has so many legends and deeds associated with him that either he’s done it, he can do it, or he knows a guy who can get it done.

I’ve appealed to your needs and desires here. We all want help in those areas of life that Hermes has influence over (and he has influence over so many!) There is also said for just giving appreciation for those many many things; for words, for wisdom, for travel, for tricks, for magic, for mischief, for safety, for sleep. Gratitude for any of these things and more honors Hermes as well.

This has been a Pagan Service Announcement

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