“Life. Death. Life. Truth. Zagreus. Dionysos.”

A powerful line from an Orphic funerary tablet, a transformative chant, a call to the cycle of death and rebirth, of life and death and Apotheosis, of remembering, of re-membering after being dismembered.

Chant it fourty nine times, seven by seven, while contemplating these themes.

Dionysos is a liberator, in life and beyond death. He gives freely the keys to liberation from the Grievous Cycle of incarnation to those who ask Him. He uplifts the dead to the stars to make them as Gods as He did with Ariadne and Erigone and Semele. He shows us the truth that comes from memory, as memory from Him is the absence of forgetting, the unfolding of truths buried within yourself, hidden by the folds of the parts of your soul and the disruption that comes with incarnation and subsequent death.

The God is immortal, His life is never ending, even when He dies it is to be reborn. Eternally circling Serpent, bull slain by the lion of the Mother to be reborn as Her lion, vine that when cut grows elsewhere, wine that whispers with the voice of the crushed grapes and the soil they were born in.

To be freed by the God is to be like the God, free from the cycle, free to make your choices, free to be Starry.

He does not demand, but He invites, and if you accept that invitation, you will be forever changed.


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